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06/24/2021 - We talked about how to get started with streaming.

If we redefine streaming as "In front of a live studio audience" more like the way Apple streams shows at the same time every week but you can't watch it on demand or the way older broadcast television shows would air, suddenly the world of streaming seems a lot more in reach for the average teacher.

Why stream?

Clone yourself

If you create videos ahead of time you can stream/broadcast that video and do something else while that is happening. Say you record your tier 1 instruction and set it to broadcast a 10am because that's when your math block starts. While your tier 1 instruction is broadcasting, you can meet with small groups.

Create anticipation and excitement with scarcity

Record students telling a joke of the day and broadcast one each day at the same time. Students will be eager to sign on and see whose joke broadcasts for the day. They'll also be eager to produce work if they know it's going to be broadcast to the class.

Reruns are your friend

Use videos you've already created and replay them just as tv shows show reruns. This can provide review sessions and give you some wiggle room or easy content for days when you have a sub.


For $10/month you can send your pre-recorded content to ClassroomCast or several other streaming service. All OneStream does is allow you to schedule content. It says, "Yo, I'm gonna talk to you, you send it to this other place that may not have the capability to schedule recordings."


RTMP URL - The link for the place you want to send your stream

Stream Key - The password for your custom stream

FPS (Frames per Second) - Mike recommends 30 frames per second

Resolution - If your students have Chromebooks, don't bother with anything over 720p.

Real-time & Pre-recorded streaming to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram Steam & 40+ Social Platforms.
Live Stream Real-time & Recorded Videos
ClassroomCast - A Clark County School District (CCSD) Sponsored ServiceYour safe, secure Broadcast System for organized, managed videos, live streaming for par

ClassroomCast provides statistics about the broadcast, allows you to set it as recurring, it won't be blocked, and translates your videos into other languages. Unlike YouTube, ClassroomCast suggests your related videos rather than videos from anywhere on the internet which will keep kids focused on related material.

Use the persistent player link to embed your broadcast into your Canvas page. As a backup, include the link as a link that kids can click on to open the stream in a new tab.

Get started live streaming - Computer - YouTube Help
Live streaming lets you engage with your audience in real time with a video feed, chat, and more.Intro To Live Streaming on YouTube1.

Bonus: Streaming for kids

Best Live Streaming App | Melon
Melon is the #1 free live streaming app. Used by thousands of top creators, businesses, podcasters, churches, and more. Multistream or stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn with ease. No downloads. Many options to customize. Monetize your stream with donations. Invite guests and record.

Have kids write a script and create their own stream reacting to your teacher program.

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