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Instructional Design Partners

No matter if you're a teacher or an administrator, it's been a difficult couple of years. Shifting from in person to distance to hybrid is a tall order all by itself but add to that tracking down kids so they don't get lost in the system and trying to master the ins and outs of your learning management system (we specialize in Canvas) and it's no wonder you're exhausted.

We want to take some of that burden away and let you focus on what you know best - curriculum. We partner with you, your school, or district. While we focus on the design and integration with your LMS, you tell us about the content you want to cover. No more figuring out how modules should be designed or fighting with tables and formatting. We work together to design remote learning experiences that will capture your students imaginations while producing standards-based assessment. That way you can focus on what you know best - building relationships with your students.

Professional Learning Delivery

Professional learning is where we live. We offer online courses and Canvas modules in podcasting, distance teaching and learning, Google tools, digital efficiency, and more. We've presented across the country and around the world.

Virtual Event Production

Whether it's a webinar or a full conference, Webs and Mike will guide you through the process of producing your digital event. We have sponsored and run the back end of the Cued Up virtual conference for CUE-NV (now Nevada Society of Innovators and Digital Educators).

We also helped Northeast Mississippi's Mobile Learning Conference go virtual and presented professional development for Apple, PBS, SxSW, and Clark County School District.