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If you want to learn with The Hoodlums, you can now do it in your own time from the comfort of your bed, car, or patio. We've been searching for a home to put our courses for a few years now and finally found something that provides a great experience for creating and consuming content. Our goal is to create courses and artifacts that you can easily digest and get use out of right away.

We're launching our 1Take series with Creating Amazing Portfolios with Google Sites. Whether you're teaching your students how to build portfolios or looking to building one for yourself because you're switching careers, this course will take you from zero to hero with free tools in a couple of hours. Coming soon we have 1Take: Using Your Writing Block to Create Dynamic Podcasts and 1Take: Using Poptake to Hack Canvas. If you're interested in either course, you can register below to get updates when the courses are released!

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webs was in education for nearly 10 years. she left education and became a software developer. she’s currently a senior product owner at edmentum as well as the founder of studio w on w.