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Mike Lang
Mike Lang

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The Hope

Using machine learning in our classrooms is an inevitability. The question is which tools will be safe for your learners to collaborate with and how might this collaboration look? Shouldn't every student have a virtual assistant at their fingertips?

Forefront might be tool you're interested in introducing to your students because it uses familiar personas (Yoda, Sailor Moon, Batman) to allow them to converse with ChatGPT. It can also generate images, save your chats, and share your ideas with others.

Forefront is currently in Alpha and free to use.

The Dope

A conversation with Yoda about designing a album cover for a brand new Outkast Album

Forefront is one of the more all inclusive AI tools you'll find which makes its ideal for school settings. You can ask the personas questions, but also create images without the need of another tool. Logging in with Google credentials is a plus so that users don't have to remember new passwords.

Learners could use the tool to ask questions, co-design projects, or seek clarification about topics that are presented in your course. Due to the fact that the tool is free, experimentation can be done without worrying about hitting any limits. The output from your prompts can be copied and used in other tools AI based or otherwise.

Note: There is no tutorial so in order to create an image use #imagine and then describe what you'd like to create. Outside of this, your students should be able to converse with the personas without having worrying about learn any Forefront specific syntax.

What might a cover for a new Outkast Album look?

The Nope

What would Yoda do?

Forefront currently defaults to ChatGPT 3.5 which should be good enough for any tasks your learners will have to do. You should always have your learners evaluate the output for accuracy.

Though, the image generation isn't on par with MidJourney outputs, it's decent enough that it'll get in the ball park of the description.


Why might you explore Forefront? Let's hear it from Yoda himself...

"A powerful tool, this is. For school teachers, many benefits it offers. Engage students, it can. With its ability to generate creative and thought-provoking responses, students can be encouraged to think critically and expand their knowledge. Also, save time, it can. With its vast database of information, it can quickly provide answers to common questions, freeing up time for teachers to focus on other important tasks. Additionally, enhance learning, it can. By incorporating Jedi teachings and Yoda's wisdom into lessons, students can gain a deeper understanding of important concepts and develop a greater appreciation for the Star Wars universe. Use this tool, teachers should. A valuable asset, it is."

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