Top 5 Places to see Wildlife in Las Vegas according to Tripnotes
The top 5 places to see Wildlife in Las Vegas according to Tripnotes

No Biggie: Relax and Take Tripnotes

Mike Lang
Mike Lang

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What are the 5 Best Places to See Wildlife in Las Vegas?

Artificial Intelligence is going to change how teachers invent tasks for learners. There are literally hundreds of tools being created each day so don't worry about keeping up. The most important skill that you can help your learners master is prompt engineering as it will be the way we direct the AI to do what we'd like. These tools will the change the way we acquire information, create, and share information.

Tripnotes is a tool that seems to be designed for travelers, but I see the utility far better for the location you happen to be in or places you have intimate knowledge of. Don't get me wrong, it can definitely help you plan your trip to Copenhagen, but how cool would it be to have learners evaluate the decisions it makes in reference to a place they know well.

For example,

What if we asked the AI to list the five hamburger places in your hometown, would all your learners agree? Which restaurants would they add or subract and why?

Where would Tripnotes advise you to take the Prime Minister of Germany if they ever visited your hometown?

What are the best places to see a sunrise or sunset in your hometown?

If a visitor asked to visit the three largest employers in your hometown, where would they go?

This tool could be applied in very interesting ways to get your learners to think about where they happen to live.

Give Tripnotes a try. The preview is free and doesn't require you to sign up for the service at all. Make a list of prompts about your hometown and have learners feed it into the AI then evaluate the output. Use a collaborative tool (Padlet, your LMS, Google Docs, Jamboard) to curate your prompts and the thoughts about the accuracy of the AI.

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